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We found 300 Deluxe packages. The very last of the bunch

The Afterman Hard Cover Book:

78 pages of song-by-song story, lyrics and artwork experience in hardcover, written by Claudio Sanchez
Cover art by Heidi Taillefer. Interior art by Nathan Spoor
Cover of the box contains metal Ascension/Descension crest


The Afterman: Ascension CD (Album 1)
The Afterman: Descension CDR* (Album 2)
The Afterman: Ascension (Demos + Unreleased Music) CD - (Deluxe Exclusive)
The Afterman: Descension (Demos + Unreleased Music) CDR*- (Deluxe Exclusive)
*(CDR's for Album 2 will be printed with full artwork. Download of music delivered on release day for you to burn onto disc.)

Sirius Amory’s “Amory Award”

Metal Medallion and Certificate with display book - (Deluxe Exclusive)

Coheed "On the Road” Documentary DVD

Nearly two hours of film of Coheed on tour – (Deluxe Exclusive)

VIP Tour Laminate

Early Entry at all shows that Coheed is headlining (Ticket not included) – (Deluxe Exclusive)

Digital Download of Ascension and Descension

Download both Ascension (Oct. 9) and Descension (Feb 2013) albums on their respective release dates


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